Climate Emotions in Art & Storytelling

Can art and storytelling help us to emotionally face the climate reality and fight for action? We explored this question recently on our Facebook Page, with a series in honour of our #FireTalkPSC event, where PSC leaders joined FIRE artists Jody Graham and curator Jo Lane to discuss the capacity of art to emotionally support […]

Climate Psychology Podcast Collection

Recently, we held a popular series on our Facebook Page that shared podcast episodes and series on climate psychology. Since then, we have found even more to share! Let’s make this blog post a place to share and collate these podcast resources. If you know of a podcast we should add, please message Jessica (our […]

Don’t Look Up movie helps spread the word about Climate Psychology

Ahead of our Psychology for a Safe Climate workshop, Look up and face the climate crisis together on the evening of the 15th of February, we have been sharing a series of articles and reflections on the movie Don’t Look Up, over the last week on Psychology for a Safe Climate’s Facebook Page. Directed by […]

Climate change has driven farmers to despair and all we get is callous disregard

Summary: Sophie Love’s first-person account of the compounding effects of the climate crisis on her farm and her family is devastating. We meet her husband, her son, their cows, their dog, as they work together to survive the cascading hardships of droughts, fires, COVID-19, and floods. As readers go on this journey with Love it becomes clear […]

A conversation about climate: “How we got here and where to now?”

Summary: In this talk, Bill McKibben interviews Sally Wientrobe regarding some of the key concepts in her new book: Psychological Roots of the Climate Crisis. Weintrobe distinguishes between two different types of cultures: a culture of care premised off selves that wish to follow their curiosity, learn about belonging, mutual understanding, to love and be loved both socially, […]

Looking for Professional Resources?

If you’re a professional in the climate psychology space, part of our Climate Aware Practitioner network, or would like to learn more about climate psychology at a deeper level, check out our awesome new Professional Resources page. This page lists free-to-access journal articles, briefing papers and resources that offer important research or insights into climate […]

HeART for a Safe Climate

HeART for a Safe Climate begins tomorrow! With COP26 beginning in just a few days, is it more important than ever for us to look after ourselves and reconnect with our emotions on the climate crisis. To participate in the 10-days of creative care you will need to sign up at Each day you will receive […]

The Most Important Climate Action You Can Take? We Asked Paul Hawken

Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation, is Paul Hawken’s new book that suggests a radical reconsideration of how humans understand and interact with the rest of the natural world is needed. Hawken discusses how the landscape of the climate crisis has shifted in the last few years, highlighting the expansion of youth-led climate […]

Eco-Anxiety Is Real — Here’s How To Cope With It

Recently Dr. Sally Gillespie was interviewed by REFINERY29 in response to the release of UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) AR6 Climate Change 2021 report. Dr Gillespie said, “it’s not surprising that many of us feel worried and anxious about the future after the report’s release — but there are ways to manage the […]