Climate Cafe


Date(s) - 28/05/2023
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


At our Café there is no guest speaker, no advice given, no call for action. Instead, you’ll find a supportive, facilitated conversational space for people to gather and share thoughts and feelings in response to the climate crisis. Here you can voice concerns that may not be welcomed or echoed elsewhere in your daily life. You’re invited to share with interested others how you’re really feeling at this challenging time. 

There may be laughter, there may be tears. There may be fear, there may be anger. Whatever you’re feeling is okay and valued. And it’s fine just to listen. Sharing, listening and being quiet together are all part of our Café.

This event will be running over Zoom.

Your presence matters most, and you’ll be warmly welcomed.

We want everybody to be able to access the support they need, so tickets to our Climate Cafes are offered by donation. Psychology for a Safe Climate is a majority volunteer organisation – please consider donating generously if you can. It’s through donations from people like you that we are able to continue this work.

Further Info

Psychology for a Safe Climate (PSC) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2010 in Melbourne, Australia, to foster emotional engagement with climate change. PSC was founded in response to the lack of individual and community commitment to address the climate emergency. Our purpose is to support people in facing the reality of the climate emergency. We aim to build people’s capacity to respond constructively to climate change by promoting and strengthening mental health and wellbeing. We engage with those working on climate change, the caring professions, and the broader community.

If you’re looking for further support or resources, you’ll find some here. If you’re based in Australia and needing further one-on-one help, you can reach out to someone in our Climate Aware Practitioner directory.