HeART for a Safe Climate

HeART for a Safe Climate begins tomorrow! With COP26 beginning in just a few days, is it more important than ever for us to look after ourselves and reconnect with our emotions on the climate crisis. To participate in the 10-days of creative care you will need to sign up at https://heart-for-a-safe-climate.raisely.com/ Each day you will receive […]

The Most Important Climate Action You Can Take? We Asked Paul Hawken

Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation, is Paul Hawken’s new book that suggests a radical reconsideration of how humans understand and interact with the rest of the natural world is needed. Hawken discusses how the landscape of the climate crisis has shifted in the last few years, highlighting the expansion of youth-led climate […]

Eco-Anxiety Is Real — Here’s How To Cope With It

Recently Dr. Sally Gillespie was interviewed by REFINERY29 in response to the release of UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) AR6 Climate Change 2021 report. Dr Gillespie said, “it’s not surprising that many of us feel worried and anxious about the future after the report’s release — but there are ways to manage the […]

Digesting the IPCC Report: A message from Psychology for a Safe Climate

The IPCC report is the bearer of alarming news for all on Earth. How can we best hear and respond to this alarm, caring for ourselves and others while mustering motivation and commitment for desperately needed action? The research of climate psychology tells us that rather than suppress or avoid our distress, we need to […]

Resources for responding to the latest IPCC report (2021)

On Monday night, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest assessment report. Read a summary of the key messages or watch a video summary. The report found that “In the eight years since the Working Group I contribution to the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report in 2013, global emissions have continued to rise, […]

Kids and Climate Anxiety

Talking to children and young people about the climate crisis can be really challenging, and it is one of the most common concerns that parents, teachers and carers raise. They want to know how to help their kids feel hopeful and ready for action, how to prevent them despairing about their futures, and often they […]

Dominos: Mental health impacts of Australia’s environmental crises

This article talks about the impact of “domino crises” in Australia and begins to suggest a way forward. Psychiatrist and author of this piece, Alan Rosen, defines “domino crises” as recurrent adverse events. Rosen highlights that recurrent environmental crises become harder to recover from and that the closer they are in time together the harder […]

The climate emergency calls for a new approach to mental health

In Bob Doppelt’s article, he draws a link between the climate emergency and the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting including the “cascading disruptions in the ecological, social, and economic systems people rely on for food, water, jobs, incomes, shelter, health, safety, and other basic needs.” Highlighting the individual focus of most mental-health initiatives, Doppelt reflects on how […]

Climate change anxiety: How to stop spiralling and make a difference

Mashable article by Rebecca Ruiz. If you don’t have time to read this great article, here is a summary of the main points: After a personal emotional experience of climate change, the author sought advice from three climate mental health experts. “Burying negative emotions is commonplace in a culture that discourages pessimism about the future. […]