Event Pricing

Community Workshops

PSC’s community workshops are subsidised by the generosity of our donors. We aim to make community workshops low cost to ensure they are accessible to as many people as possible. The fees help us to cover some of our administration costs.

For details go to the Workshops  and Seminars page.

Applicable Fee **
The standard price which is subsidised by our donors
For those in a financial position to support PSC to deliver these workshops - Please also consider making a donation
For current members of PSC
For students, pensioners and those with a health care card

** If you are not in a financial position to pay to attend a PSC workshop, you can contact PSC to request a discounted or free place. Contact PSC

Professional Development

PSC’s Professional Development activities are open to all health and mental health professionals and other professionals with expertise delivering workshops and other activities to support people experiencing climate distress. Attendance certificates are provided for all CPD events.

For details see the Professional Development page.

PD Event Name
Engaging with climate change and eco-distress (2 hour Introductory Webinar)
Reflections and responses to the climate reality (3 hour Experiential Workshop)
Being present with climate distress: Applications to professional practice (3 hour Professional Practice Workshop)
PSC Facilitator Skills Workshop
Reflections and responses to the climate reality - Goinf Deeper (3 hour Experiential Workshop)

Organisational workshops and seminars

PSC can provide workshops and seminars in organisational settings. To enquire about a workshop for your organisation, Contact PSC.

Our standard workshops are 3 hours. For every six participants we provide one facilitator. Our fee schedule is informed by the number of facilitators and the number of hours of facilitation. We can offer workshops for up to 30 people at a time. For participatory seminars, we only need half the number of facilitators so the fees are lower.

Three-hour Experiential Workshops
  • Coming to grips with the climate reality
  • Beating burnout: Discovering your own resources to prevent burnout
  • As the climate is changing, how are you?
  • Coming back to life 

For details go to the Workshops and Seminars page.

3 hour Experiential Workshop
6 Participants
12 Participants
18 Participants
24 Participants
Corporate (Includes large Non-Profits)
Medium Non-Profit (Less than $1.5m revenue)
Small Non-Profit (less than $250k revenue)
Two-hour Participatory Seminars
  • Exploring the Emotional Impact of climate change

Shorter seminars also available on request. For details go to the Workshops  and Seminars page 

2 hour Participatory Seminar
Up to 24 Participants
25 or more Participants
Corporate (Includes large Non-Profits)
Medium Non-Profit (Less than $1.5m revenue)
Small Non-Profit (less than $250k revenue)