For years there has been consensus on the science of climate change and the necessity for urgent action. Still, as a society we find ourselves stymied and failing to make the transformative changes needed to avoid a crisis. The facts are there for each of us to take in, but facts and intellectual understanding alone are not enough. People need more than hard statistics and scientific information to engage and take action on climate change.

What is needed is the heart for action

Perhaps you’ve been plugging away for years trying to make change and you’re tired and disillusioned?

Perhaps the devastation of the fires over summer awoke you to the immensity and terror of what is happening and you’re feeling overwhelmed?

Perhaps you feel like you are the only one out there who cares?

Perhaps you wonder each day, what can I really do?

Perhaps you need something constructive and creative to explore as you navigate another round of Covid lockdown?

Perhaps you want to reconnect with what matters to you and how you feel?

If any of this sounds like you, you might enjoy our HEART for climate action 10 days of creative care!

To sign up simply make a donation of $40 or more here and fill in this form.


How will it work?

Once you sign up, you will receive an information package via email with all the additional information you will need to participate. You can sign up to take part in the August or September rounds of the 10 days of creative care.


Then, once a day for ten days in August (20 August - 30 August), or for ten days in September (20 September - 30 September) we will send you one invitation, inspirations or practice each day to help you

  • Engage with climate change

  • Build skills of emotional resilience

  • Rediscover that creative inner place of aliveness that gives you the heart to act

Each day you will also be invited to share your creation or some reflections on your experience with the wider community taking part by posting on social media of your choice using the hashtag #HEARTforclimateaction.

We will collate what is shared in one place here in a gallery on our website, through our Facebook page, and using our Instagram so that you can see what else is happening out there, get inspired and feel supported. So often in our workshops, participants express the relief at realising they are not alone in their struggle. HEART for climate action will be a chance to connect with others all over Australia as you undertake the same practices each day, and get curious about how climate change is showing up in your life and inner world.

Sign up today to receive your digital creative care pack!

Can I sign up someone else?

Sure, you can sign up a friend to receive the HEART for climate action creative care package. 

I want to donate to HEART for climate action, but I don’t want to participate in the 10 days of creative care.

No worries, we’d be so grateful for your donation either way! Donate here

I don’t have time to do this in August or September but would love to down the track...

That can work as well! The delight of participating in August or September is sharing with others who are undertaking the same activities as you each day, building connection, community and inspiration. But the HEART for climate action 10 days of creative care can be undertaken at any time that suits you.

What will I receive in my creative care digital package?

  • A small printable booklet with guidance and emotional resilience activities, and instructions for each day.

  • Each day for ten days you will receive by email, links to supportive practices and resources you can take up.

Sign up today to receive creative care package!

For more information about Psychology for a Safe Climate and why we are running HEART for climate action click here.