Psychology for a Safe Climate Conference 2015

Psychology for a Safe Climate Conference 2015




What helps and what hinders engagement with climate change?


Presentations, discussion and debate – for the heart and the mind.


Susan Murphy holds the conference audience engaged.

Susan Murphy

Vulnerability and Resilience: Not-knowing is the most intimate

Charles Le Feuvre

Brains for a safe climate?

Beth Hill

Can people  experience climate change?




Susan Murphy: Vulnerability and Resilience: ‘not-knowing is most intimate’
Dr Susan Murphy is an authorised Zen Roshi. She is a writer, radio producer and film director. Her latest book is Minding the Earth, Mending the World (2012, 2014), 

Papers and discussion
Andrea Bunting: Using Moral Framing of Climate Change to Enhance Engagement
Don McArthur: Communicating about climate change when “the facts are not enough”
Sally Gillespie: Sun Ripening: What can happen when we engage with climate change
Charles LeFeuvre: Brains for a Safe Climate?

5 minute presentations 

  • Katerina Gaita

  • Beth Hill

  • Darren Sharp

  • Hans Baer

  • Julie James

  • Antony Williams

  • Jane Morton

  • Jim Crosthwaite

Climate Change Debate: Does the truth about climate change motivate us to act?
No: Rod Quantock, Lyn Bender, Jonathan Marshall.
Yes: Susan Murphy, David Spratt, Andrea Bunting 


Psychology for a Safe Climate booklet launch

Launch of Facing the Heat: Conversations on Climate Change, a new publication by Psychology for a Safe Climate.


See full program with times, abstracts and presenter notes (PDF 295kb)

Post conference Sunday Workshops - for Climate Well-being

Sunday 22nd March 2015


There were 4 different workshops, in 4 time slots.


Workshop 1

Zen and the Art of Planetary Crisis 

Leader: Dr Susan Murphy gave the keynote at the conference, and is a writer, authorized Zen teacher, film-maker and author of Minding the Earth, Mending the World.


Workshop 2

Care for the heart and soul using creative methods – to support and nourish, and foster reflection

Leader: Dr Sally Gillespie is a practised Jungian psychotherapist and has recently completed a PhD on Climate Change and Psyche


Workshop 3

Beating Burnout: A workshop for discovering your own resources to prevent burn out

Leaders: Ben Nisenbaum, Rosemary Crettenden and Carol Ride are experienced psychologists and psychotherapists, all actively involved in the work of Psychology for a Safe Climate.


Workshop 4

Let’s talk! The art of conversation around climate change

2pm – 3.30pm. (max 40 participants). Repeated in workshop 6.

Leaders: Sue Pratt and Dr Bronwyn Wauchope are experienced psychologists and psychotherapists, both actively involved in the work of Psychology for a Safe Climate.

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