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Psychology for a Safe Climate has been working hard to develop our Strategic Plan for the next two years, to focus on key action areas. A need for significant change in response to the growth in demand for our work was identified. This document articulates the pathway to that vision. Read our 2020-2022 Strategic Plan here.

2020-2022 Strategic Plan

Submission to National Preventative Health Strategy

The Australian Government is creating it's 10-year National Health Prevention Strategy. Psychology for a Safe Climate is concerned that no mention of the climate crisis was made in the Strategy, nor in the Consultation Paper. We consider this shameful negligence.
As climate disasters are on the rise, Psychology for a Safe Climate feels imperative that the psychological impacts of environmental devastation be considered a public health concern and planned for.
In our submission, we make clear the compounding mental health impacts of the climate crisis and highlight that the current mental health system in Australia is not equipped to deal with this growing area of mental health needs.

You can read our Response to the Consultation Paper here and circulate this among colleagues and peers.