The Climate Question- Must our future be cast in concrete

Concrete has been an ancient material for human construction. It’s involved in far more than we know. This The Climate Question podcast by the BBC highlights that humans make around 25-30 billion tonnes of concrete a year, and that the impact of this on the climate is more detrimental than we know.

The podcast explores the historical underpinnings of concrete and what the alternatives to concrete are looking forward, including the insights of scientists and architects. It highlights the need for changes in human thinking and advocates that, whilst looking for alternatives, a trade-off needs to be made in terms of getting everything done swiftly

Because concrete is created locally and is dispersed across companies, this podcast highlights a lack of combined effort will fail to bring the CO2 emission of concrete down in a meaningful way, underscoring the need for policy and regulation that protects the earth If you’re interested in the design aspects of responding to the climate crisis, and how that impacts everyday human life, you can listen to this podcast here.

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