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*Important caution: Our PSC workshops provide an opportunity for education about the psychological, emotional, and physical impact of climate change, together with a chance to process those experiences and learn some ways to help manage impacts. A workshop is not psychotherapy, however if requested, we are able to offer resources to help find a suitable therapist. Head to our Contact page if more information is required.

Feeling the fires, a year on: Climate grief and storytelling

Throughout 2019/2020, bushfires and chronic smoke ravaged much of Australia. Just as the recovery work was beginning, Covid-19 sent us all into isolation, right when we needed to connect and reflect.

This public workshop, part of the 2021 National Sustainable Living Festival, will provide a safe space for people to reflect on and express their feelings about the bushfires and climate change more broadly. The workshop will focus on fostering emotional awareness and self-care in response to the variety of intense feelings and experiences these events can generate. It will also include a storytelling activity, and participants will have the opportunity to publish their story online at FireFeels (www.firefeels.org).

Bairnsdale workshop, Saturday 13th February 2pm-5:30pm
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Zoom workshop, Saturday 20th February 2pm-5:30pm
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Workshop: Recognising our grief about climate change
Saturday February 27th 2021 2pm to 5pm - on Zoom

For those working on climate change as activists, researchers, scientists or policy makers and advocates.


The work so many are doing means thinking about the realities of climate change every day. It can mean living with the here and now implications of climate change impacts. This workshop will provide a space for participants to reflect on and express the emotional burden of working on climate change, especially the many faces of grief. There will also be a segment on self care.


Cost: $40, $20 concession.

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A few places will be reserved for those unable to pay. Email your request to psychologysafeclimate@gmail.com

Maximum 30 participants

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