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Our story

Founded in 2010, we are a not-for-profit Melbourne based organisation that formed in response to the lack of individual and community engagement with climate change. We acknowledge we need strong and urgent action. Using our professional knowledge as psychologists and helping professionals, our aim is to increase understanding and engagement with climate change. Through our contribution, our hope is that people will become free to act, rather than react or withdraw in despair.

What we offer

Through workshops, presentations, and publications we contribute by: Increasing understanding of the psychology behind the challenges and difficulties of engagement with climate change; fostering psychological support and self care; and helping improve communication on climate change.


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Meet our leadership group

Carol Ride 

Founder and President

Carol has worked as a psychologist in the field of couple therapy, as a therapist, supervisor and trainer. Her shift to work in the field of climate change as a psychologist and activist, is motivated by the injustice climate change brings to present and future generations, and by a deep love of nature.

Dr. Charles Le Feuvre 

Vice President

Nick Mueller

Minute Secretary

Rosemary Crettenden 


Libby Skeels

Public Officer

Dr. Bronwyn Wauchope 

Committee member

Dr. Beth Hill

Committee member

The greatest challenge of climate change is to continually find the resources within to bear the tension of grieving the painful losses it brings, while maintaining a love and passion for all that life offers.

Carol Ride, Founder and President


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