Supporting people emotionally in facing the climate reality

Our purpose is to contribute psychological understanding and support within the community, helping people face the difficult climate reality.


What participants value about our workshops:

“Knowing that there are people of all ages and professions dealing with the same emotions and thoughts”

“The value of expressing feelings”

“The ability to treat myself with compassion”

“A chance to voice my emotions and concerns with less fear of judgement”

“I am not alone – there are others who feel this way and experience similar things”

“A reminder to take time for mindfulness and self-care and recognise the emotional toll of the climate crisis and activism”

Latest news

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Global Survey of Climate Anxiety in Young People Confirms Link with Government Inaction on Climate Change

Last night (Australian time) a groundbreaking new global survey* of climate anxiety in children and young people was launched. The study of 10,000 young people …

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Eco-Anxiety Is Real — Here’s How To Cope With It

Recently Dr. Sally Gillespie was interviewed by REFINERY29 in response to the release of UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) AR6 Climate Change 2021 …

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Digesting the IPCC Report: A message from Psychology for a Safe Climate

The IPCC report is the bearer of alarming news for all on Earth. How can we best hear and respond to this alarm, caring for …

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