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We are a not-for-profit Melbourne based organisation of psychologists and helping professionals who are passionate about fostering engagement with climate change.

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We engage in a range of activities including writing, speaking, conferences and workshops.

We encourage our community to engage with climate change.

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Mental Health and Well-Being Impacts of Climate Change

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Whitehouse report on the impacts of climate change on human health in the US.


Here is a summary of the impacts on Mental Health and Well-being.


The effects of global climate change on mental health and well-being are integral parts of the overall climate-related human health impacts. Mental health consequences of climate change range from minimal stress and distress symptoms to clinical disorders, such asanxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, and suicidality.


Other consequences include effects on the everyday life, perceptions, and experiences of individuals and communities attempting to understand and respond appropriately to climate change and its implications. The mental health and well-being consequences of climate change related impacts rarely occur in isolation, but often interact with other social and environmental stressors.


The interactive and cumulative nature of climate change effects on health, mental health, and well-being are critical factors in understanding the overall consequences of climate change on human health (see figure above).


The full report can be read here.


Our purpose is to contribute psychological understanding and support within the community, helping people face the difficult climate reality. 
Psychology for a Safe Climate ran some fantastic mindfulness workshops with Environment Victoria helping us look after ourselves so we can keep trying to look after the world.

Mark Wakeham

CEO Environment Victoria