Make a donation to PSC

To continue providing much-needed support services to the community, PSC greatly appreciates the donations we receive from our supporters. PSC does not receive any government funding so we rely on donations from the public to keep operating. Psychology for a Safe Climate is a health promotion charity. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible in Australia.

Type of donation

How will your donation help?

AU$ 50
  • Will provide a free place on a PSC workshop for some - one on a low income who could not otherwise participate
AU$ 75
  • Will subsidise 3 student places on a PSC workshop to provide them with support with their distress about climate change
AU$ 20
every 4 weeks
  • Will help fund one edition of PSC’s newsletter to inform people of the need for psychological support related to climate change
AU$ 50
every 4 weeks
  • Will help fund PSC’s next publication on the psychological impact of the climate emergency and strategies to support people