Psychological help

If you are in urgent need of psychological help, please contact: 

Lifeline 13 11 14
Beyond Blue 1300 224 636

How do we support people?

Climate Distress Workshops

PSC supports members of the community and people working on the front line of the climate emergency including climate activists, scientists and policy makers.

We offer a range of workshops which provide professional support and a safe, containing space for the expression and working through of people’s emotional response to climate change. 

For information about PSC workshops, go to the Workshops page.

Climate Aware Practitioners

Climate Aware Practitioners (CAPs) are PSC members who are actively engaged in supporting individuals and communities to face the reality and impact of climate change.

We have developed an online Directory of CAPs which lists the growing number of professionals who are supporting people who are impacted psychologically by the climate emergency.  

Find out more at the Climate Aware Practitioners page.


Supportive resources are available in the resource section of our website.  This includes resources produced by PSC and links to other useful resources. 

For further information, see the Resources page.

The PSC Support Model

PSC has developed a model which describes our approach to supporting people who are distressed by the reality of climate change. The PSC Support Model reflects our learning from the work we have done in the last ten years, supporting people in facing the climate reality.