Confidentiality of Participants in PSC Support Services

This Confidentiality Statement should be read in conjunction with PSC’s Privacy Policy

PSC protects the privacy and confidentiality of Participants in PSC’s Support Service (Service Participants). This is paramount to create a psychologically safe environment and to maintain the trust Service Participants place in us. 

PSC will inform Service Participants in our workshops or other supportive activities of the confidential nature of the services and explain the limits to confidentiality. 

All interactions which take place in the context of PSC workshops or other support activities are considered confidential. This includes contact by telephone, all interactions during workshops with workshop facilitators, all records of workshop content and any notes taken by facilitators during or after the workshops.

We take into account our legal obligations and the rights of our Service Participants under privacy legislation and any other legal requirements relating to privacy. 

  • PSC does not disclose personally identifiable or sensitive information about our Service Participants, including organisations we work with, and we take steps to prevent unauthorised disclosure. Disclosure may be authorised in the following circumstances: 
    by consent from the Service Participant; 
  • where there are risks to the safety of the Service Participant or the safety of a third party (if the circumstances are serious enough to justify disclosure); or 
  • when required by the law.

When making an authorised disclosure of a Service Participant’s personal information, PSC will inform our Service Participants of the actions we will take, to the extent that this is practicable. If possible, they obtain consent in writing prior to making the disclosure. 

Service Participants may choose to give PSC permission in writing to release any or specific information about them to any person or agency that they may designate. 

We protect Service Participants’ right to confidentiality when undertaking supervision of our support services by ensuring information that could enable personal identification of the Service Participant is appropriately disguised.

We maintain the confidentiality of Service Participants when including confidential information about them in any report, publication, teaching activity or presentation. We obtain the Service Participant’s informed consent in writing prior to using the confidential material for these purposes and take care to disguise their identity. 

We protect the confidentiality of information or records using a secure storage system, either for paper or electronic records as appropriate.

Confidential Information

The following information has been identified as confidential.

  • Drawings or artwork produced by Service Participants in support workshops or other support activities provided by PSC;
  • Personal information, feelings and thoughts shared in workshops and documented in the  chat function of Zoom or in feedback forms

Confidential information may only be disclosed to third parties with the consent of the person the information relates to. 

Use of confidential information requires written consent of the person to whom the information relates. Consent is given by completing the PSC Consent form which is available for PSC. 

Enquiries about confidentiality

If you would like further information about the way PSC ensures confidentiality for Service Participants, please contact the Executive Director.