Facing the Heat: stories of climate change conversations

In March 2015, at our Conference we launched our second booklet - on conversations about climate change. This booklet takes the audience on a journey as we share some of our stories and learnings from climate change conversations.

What George Marshall said about the booklet: 'The most powerful climate change communication comes in the form of personal stories that express commitment and conviction. For people who refuse to accept the underlying science this may be the only way to reach and persuade them.  Psychology for a Safe Climate's new booklet is built of such stories, reminding us that conversations and negotiations between friends and workmates may be as important for social change as the fattest scientific report.'

Let’s speak about climate change

Second Edition, February 2016

Let's Speak about Climate Change provides an opportunity for readers to reflect on how they and those around them have responded to news of climate change. The booklet provides insight into how we can better encourage conversations and community engagement.

Sections covered:

     * The great taboo
     * The problem
     * Being in two minds
     * Coming to terms with     reality
     * Feeling our way to reality
     * Building resilience
     * We need climate leadership
     *Hope creativity and courage

Staying Engaged in the Climate & Bushfire Crisis

A collection of psychological ideas and resources in response to the 2020 Australian Bushfires. Our hope is that these resources will inspire you to explore different ways of meeting the bushfire crisis and to support you to sustain your love for life and your engagement with climate change. The resources selected are those that we ourselves are tapping into in order to support ourselves.

Coping with Climate Change Distress

Psychology for a Safe Climate together with the Australian Psychological Society, The Climate Reality Project and the Australian Conservation Foundation have written a guide to help people cope with climate change distress.

The booklet begins by acknowledging that knowing about climate change is not enough for most people to take action. Feeling it as a threat is important, and having ways of coping with these feelings is vital so that people don’t become overwhelmed, or avoid the feelings, or burn out. The booklet provides helpful tips to keep our lives functioning well while staying engaged with climate change.

Climate Crisis and Consciousness: Re-imagining Our World and Ourselves

By Dr. Sally Gillespie

Climate crisis disrupts the beliefs, values and behaviors of contemporary societies, sparking potential for radical changes in culture and consciousness. Drawing upon her experience as a Jungian psychotherapist and a researcher in the field of climate psychology, Sally Gillespie writes about the challenges, dilemmas, opportunities and transformations of engaging with climate and ecological crises.

With its unique focus on the psychological experience of facing into the climate crisis, this warm and supportive book offers companionship and sustenance for anyone who wants to be alive to our natural world and to the existential challenges of today. It is an essential resource for counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers and other helping professionals, as well as climate campaigners, policy makers, educators, scientists and researchers.

Dr Sally Gillespie is  member of PSC. She has made a discount code available for her book to help support PSC's mission.

25% discount code SGC25