What do we do?

We offer psychological understanding and support to individuals and groups who are distressed by the climate emergency.

We do this by providing workshops which offer professional support and a safe, containing space for the expression and working through of people’s emotional responses. These workshops are available to scientists, researchers, policy makers, activists and members of the wider community.

For information about PSC workshops, go to the Workshops page.

“The greatest challenge of climate change is to continually find the resources within to bear the tension of grieving the painful losses it brings, while maintaining a love and passion for all that life offers.”

 – Carol Ride, Founder and President 

We also provide speakers, presentations and conferences to share our understanding of the psychological impact of climate change. We have produced a number of publications and papers for the mental health professions, and for the general community.

For further information, see the Publications page and the Presentations page.

We are developing a network of Climate Aware Practitioners to extend our work into the broader community. These Practitioners are members of PSC who undertake a program of professional development with PSC. 

For information see the Climate Aware Practitioners and the Professional Development page.

We are a member-based organisation. Please consider joining PSC to support our mission. For details see the Membership page.