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PSC supports people to face the reality of the climate crisis. We help build people’s capacity to respond constructively to this crisis by promoting and strengthening mental health and well being. We engage with those working on climate change, the caring professions and the broader community.

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Climate Aware Practitioners

Members who undertake Professional Development with PSC have the option to become a Climate Aware Practitioner (CAP) and to join PSC’s CAP Network.

CAPs are encouraged to have a Profile on the Climate Aware Practitioner Directory at PSC’s website so that members of the public who need support can find the most suitable practitioner.

CAPS are listed in one or more of the following categories:

  • Mental Health
  • Practitioner
  • General Practitioner
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Worker
  • Workshop Facilitator

CAPs are encouraged to complete a Practitioner Profile on the PSC website so that members of the public can select the CAP that can best support them.

CAPS are also encouraged to lists any events they are running on the Events page on the PSC website. This is a resource for members of the public to find out about group workshops and seminars.

To find out more about becoming a CAP, including the CAP Professional Development program, please see the CAP page

Process to become a Climate Aware Practitioner
CAP Fees
Full or Part Year
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CAP Directory Fee (Full Year from 1 July)
CAP Directory Fee (Pro-rata for Part Year)

PSC Workshop Facilitator

Climate Aware Practitioners also have the option to undertake further Professional Development to become a facilitator of PSC’s suite of Climate Distress Workshops.

To find out more about becoming a Facilitator of PSC’s Climate Distress Workshops, please see the Facilitator page

Enquire about becoming a facilitator of PSC’s Climate Distress Workshops.

Process to become a Workshop Facilitator