Why Join PSC?

Joining PSC is a way to support PSC’s important work and to make a difference to many people in the community who can benefit from PSC’s Climate Distress Workshops.

Members have the opportunity to belong to an organisation of like-minded people who wish to contribute to supporting individuals and communities who are distressed by the reality of climate change.

Your membership fee will also help to cover some of our basic running costs.

Members who complete PSC’s professional development for Climate Aware Practitioners (CAPs) can be part of our growing CAP Network.

CAPs are listed on the CAP Directory at the PSC website in one or more of the following categories:

  • Mental Health Practitioner
  • General Practitioner
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait
  • Islander Mental Health Worker
  • Workshop Facilitator

Through the CAP Directory, we aim to improve access to support services around the country,

CAPs can list any online or face to face events they are running on the Events page on the PSC website. The Events page helps people across Australia to find out about group events that are taking place such as workshops and seminars.

To learn more about joining PSC, go to the Membership page.

To apply to be a CAP, go to the Climate Aware Practitioners page.