Climate Crisis and Consciousness

Dr Sally Gillespie is interviewed on The Lentil Intervention Podcast, 9 August 2021

The fight against climate change is not a sprint, it’s a marathon – one that we will be dealing with for the rest of our lives and here Sally discusses strategies for staying engaged with climate change without burning out or becoming overwhelmed or depressed. Following on from the latest IPCC report this is a timely and extremely important conversation.

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Feeling the Change

Consciousness and Conversation in the Climate Crisis, April 2020

Psychologist Bronwyn Gresham hosts a conversation with three other mental health professionals, Carol Ride (PSC), Dr Sally Gillespie (PSC) and Dr Christine Canty about facing the climate crisis.

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Emotions of Climate Breakdown

Carol Ride interviewed on Custodians of the Planet by Deniz Yildiz, November 2019

In this episode, Carol Ride discusses eco-anxiety and climate grief, followed by self-care tips to cope with them. 

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Bronwyn Gresham interviews Holly Hammond 'Climate Community Care Bear'

Podcast interview with Climactic Podcast, March 2019

Burnout is endemic in the activist community, but maybe it doesn’t have to be. Holly’s efforts, and organising, have helped scores of members of the community overcome burnout, overwhelm, and emotional fatigue. With host Bronwyn, a self-care advocate in her own right, this conversation dives deep into how we need to look after ourselves, while looking out for others.

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Feeling the Change: a recording of PSC's live event with Margaret Klein Salamon

Climactic podcast hosted by Bronwyn Gresham, February 2019

“Yes, we’re facing catastrophic collapse. Yes it’s terrifying. But you don’t have to be paralyzed by your fear, grief, and other painful feelings. You can use your pain to transform yourself, your friends, and your world.” Margaret Klein Salamon, author of Facing the Climate Emergency: How to transform yourself with climate truth, and founding director of The Climate Mobilization in the US, leads a panel discussion that explores the emotional challenges of facing the climate emergency. 

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Live Talk: Impact of experiencing bushfire in the era of climate change

Beth Hill and Charles Le Feuvre: recorded live by Climactic Podcast and released January 2019

The topic at hand is bushfire, and the psychological impact they have on those affected. You’ll hear first-hand experiences, engagement with the difficulty of how and when to introduce climate change into the conversation, and some stark facts of the ground-truth of Australia’s bushfire future. 

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Finding Resilience in Vulnerability

Beth Hill: podcast interview with Climactic Podcast in November 2018

This chat with Beth explores the myriad ways we experience climate change and how people are feeling about it as the crisis deepens and the reality of vulnerability comes into focus for more people in their daily lives. Beth discusses the value of rethinking what we mean by vulnerability and the importance of showing up for deeper and more emotional conversations about climate change with each other as a way to sustain action on this issue.

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Carol Ride: psychologist, activist, believer in change

Podcast interview with Dumbo Feather August 2017

In this podcast conversation, Carol talks about the importance of doing inner work and grieving our dying planet in order to act meaningfully on climate change. 

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