Become a Climate Aware Practitioner


PSC is developing an online directory of Climate Aware Practitioners (CAPs).

The Climate Aware Practitioner Directory is expected to be launched at the PSC website in October 2021, after which we will commence taking applications from prospective CAPs.

PSC Members who undertake Professional Development with PSC will have the option to be recognised by PSC as a Climate Aware Practitioner (CAP). 

All CAPs will be listed on the Climate Aware Practitioner Directory at PSC’s website in one or more of the following categories:

  • Mental Health Practitioner
  • General Practitioner
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Worker
  • Workshop Facilitator

CAPs will be able to complete a Practitioner Profile on the PSC website. They will also receive free advertising of any events they are running on the Climate Wellbeing Events page which will be developed at the PSC website. 

How to be recognised as a Climate Aware Practitioner

PSC has developed a simple process to seek recognition by PSC as a CAP. The process is set out in the CAP Network Application Guidelines.

We have also developed a Code of Conduct to guide the work of CAPs to support people who are experiencing climate distress.

To express interest in being recognised by PSC as a Climate Aware Practitioner, Get in Touch with us.

CAP Fees
Full or Part Year
CAP Application Fee
CAP Directory Fee (Full Year from 1 July)
CAP Directory Fee (Pro-rata for Part Year)