Become a Climate Aware Practitioner

PSC Members who undertake Professional Development with PSC will have the option to be part of PSC’s Climate Aware Practitioner (CAP) Network.

Being a member of the CAP Network means you are not alone! You will be part of a network of like-minded people across Australia who are taking action on climate change by supporting people in their communities who are distressed about the reality of the climate crisis.

PSC’s goal is to build a national network of professionals who engage proactively in advocating and building the psychosocial support and resilience of individuals and communities in systemic, connected and culturally appropriate ways. 

The CAP Network will be a multi-disciplinary network that will include people of diverse backgrounds including: 

  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • General Practitioners
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Workers
  • Workshop Facilitators
  • Speakers and Presenters on issues relating to climate psychology
What you will gain by joining the CAP Network

As a member of the CAP Network, you will be able to participate in networking and peer support activities with others in the network who share your  concerns about the impact climate change is having on individuals and communities. 

CAPs will have the option to complete a Profile on the PSC website in the Climate Aware Practitioner Directory

They will also be able to access free advertising for any events they are running on the Climate Wellbeing Events page at the PSC website. 

How to be recognised as a Climate Aware Practitioner

PSC has developed a simple process to upgrade to CAP membership. The process is set out in the CAP Network Application Guidelines.

We have also developed a Code of Conduct to guide the work of CAPs to support people who are experiencing climate distress.

The online application process to upgrade to CAP membership will be launched in October.

In the meantime, to express interest in being recognised by PSC as a Climate Aware Practitioner, Get in Touch with us.