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Update on our facilitated workshops

We are passionate about designing and facilitating workshops for climate activists and climate-focused organisations. We are based in Melbourne and offer workshops in the city and occasionally travel to regional areas. 


We are grateful that so many community groups and organisations are engaging us for workshops, especially over the past few months. It does mean (however) that we are currently booked up for the first six months of 2020! 


While we are stretched for time we may not be as responsive as we would like, or may need to refer you on to other supports. Please know that we are hearing you and we are in the midst of planning ways that our organisation can meet this growing need. 


We appreciate your patience with us, and your support. Stay connected with us and our upcoming workshops by subscribing to our newsletter or liking our page on Facebook. 


Send us a message here if you have particular questions, comments or requests for yourself, your group or organisation. Keep in mind that new requests for workshops will likely be scheduled for the second half of 2020. 


With appreciation,