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“Recognising that emotions are often what leads people to act, it is possible that feelings of ecological anxiety and grief, although uncomfortable, are in fact the crucible through which humanity must pass to harness the energy and conviction that are needed for the lifesaving changes now required.”


Cunsolo, A., Harper, S., Minor, K., Hayes, K., Williams, K. and Howard, C., "Ecological Grief And Anxiety: The Start Of A Healthy Response To Climate Change?". The Lancet Planetary Health, Vol 4, 2021



Running workshops is our forte! We offer a variety of workshops on developing self awareness, self care and communication. These are tailored to the context and needs of the audience. Looking for more information on what kinds of workshops and seminars we offer? You can check out our offerings in more detail here.

Interested in us running a workshop for you or your organisation?