Council of All Beings - Australia


Date(s) - 14/05/2022
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Council of All Beings – Australia

A practice of empathy and connection, the Council of All Beings, supports the shift from an egocentric to an ecocentric perspective.

During the Council, beings come forth to speak of their concerns and the challenges they face and to be witnessed and received by the humans. Through sharing, recognition, and acknowledgment of the suffering caused by the human species, all beings begin to experience a deep empathy for each other and a broader awareness of our inner connectedness and interdependence grows. As the beings share messages of their unique gifts, the humans begin to gain fresh perspectives on ways to act on behalf of life.

Key Potential Takeaways for Participants:
? Listen and converse with the natural world.
? Practice deep listening, empathy, and mirroring.
? Develop a greater awareness of the web of life, and the interconnection of all beings.
? Step out of your personal identities and into the truth and wisdom of another being.
? Gain insights into your own longing for connection to the gifts available in nature.
? Identify and release painful emotions that hinder connection with Soul.

Councils are co-held as a collaboration between:
? Frieda Nixdorf, Soul Aligned Purpose Mentor, Guide and Work That Reconnects Facilitator
? Christie Wilson, Clinical Psychotherapist, Climate Activist, and Convergent Facilitator

This (3-hour) workshop will be limited to 20 participants. Reserve your spot today.

Australia is home to an incredible array of unique wildlife. Over 30 million years of geographical isolation have created life forms found nowhere else on Earth. But Australia also has the worst mammal extinction rate globally and has lost countless plants, insects, birds, reptiles, marine life, and other beings. Loss of species is a significant threat to biodiversity, and biodiversity is critical to ecosystem resilience and, in the face of an accelerating climate crisis, to the viability of the whole biosphere. Scientists warn we are witnessing Earth’s sixth mass extinction event, the only one caused by a single species – humans.

Climate change, unrestrained land clearing, aquifer depletion, and toxic contamination of water and soil endanger native species across the Australian continent. Hotter temperatures, prolonged droughts, intense fires, frequent extreme weather, large-scale habitat destruction, and rising sea levels are changing the Australian landscape faster than our native flora and fauna can adapt.

But who will speak for our threatened species? How can we hear the cries for help from the high alpine mosses to the animals of the coastal forests and the central plains, from the birds and fish and crustaceans of our dying inland rivers and wetlands to the threatened life of our reefs and kelp forests?

Christie and Frieda invite you to join us to feel into the magnificent variety of life on this Australian continent, from genes to ecosystems. Let us give voice to the trees and grasses and herbivores, the feathered, furred, and scaled.

NOTE: We invite people living in Australia and those who wish to sit with us in solidarity as we open our hearts to the cries of the Earth in this our home.

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